Raw Food Lifestyle – Should You Make the Change?

For quite awhile I have had this super idea of living a ‘raw food’ lifestyle. It is simple, it is inexpensive, it is effective, and it is a lifestyle. A raw foodist community is growing everywhere in the world.

Most people who change to a raw food diet do so for at least one reason. To lose weight, to get healthy, to become a vegetarian, to drink juices, to use in cooking, to absorb flavors, to be cleansed, to exist in the physical world, to be less stressful, to be in tune with the seasons, to be in charge of the house, to be the ‘istecca wife’ the way nature intended us.

Becoming vegetarian or vegan?

So you’ve made the switch, and now you are wondering what are the benefits from this new lifestyle?

I would recommend that you first take a break go shopping for yourself, and then work your way in.

1. It’s a lifestyle change.

As with any other lifestyle change, you will need to have some kind of support to make it work. Whether that is friends and family, oraring new friends, or going to therapy, is up to you. You won’t be able to change overnight, but the more options you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

2. Learn how to cook.

Take a class, buy a book, watch cooking shows, absorb the information. Prepare recipes of your own, or make the switch to raw food from meat. This is an essential life skill, unlike the instant internet access you may have enjoyed in the past.

3. Plan your meals.

Very few people have mastered the timing and combination of herbs and spices to make a good meal. This is something that takes practice. So, you need to have mastered this already. If you are a witch to cook, you need to be able to read a recipe and understand how a recipe is supposed to turn out.

4. Consider Adding Kratom to Your Food

You will want to take a look at kratom as it has numerous benefits. You can learn how to prepare green vein Malay kratom with food. Don’t stay in one place. Get out there and explore. Try a new restaurant every few weeks. If you don’t travel, learn to cook other regional dishes. You will find your own regional favorites. You will also learn about new cultures and cultural dishes as you differentiate from others.

5. Network.

There is something special about keeping in tune with others. Find your inner strength and use it to network. This can take the place of traditional family gatherings. You can sit around a table with others for a long time, chattering away about any topics of interest. A family who cooks together stays together.

6. Embrace change.

Make the change you need to make in your life. Find a reason to celebrate each day. If you used to work to a 9-5 desk schedule, make the time time. If you used to live for other people, make the time. Just by living a little each day, you can add years to your life. Don’t know why you are not at the office catering to a client? Try it. Networking is powerful. Think of any business executive in the corporate world. They networked with their staff. You can do the same.

7. Find your true passion.

Ask yourself this, what do you love about cooking? What is your fatal flaw? You can find out what is your passion by doing. Do you want to get married? Do you want a family? Do you want to bake cook for and entertain? Do you want to be a gifted chef and teach others to become so? Whatever your passion is, if you can make it happen, it is a must.

8. Be a no-quit cook.

Cooking is a universal language. Naturally, you will want to remain in front of the grill or saucepan you love so much. But you will also likely get tired of cooking the same old recipes. Get the courage to branch out. Try a new recipe today. Do something different. You might be surprised at how good it tastes and you might meet someone special for once.

9. Have fun cooking.

anger and frustration can fuel great dishes. Many people boil their potatoes with the same amount of water as they have just cooked their meals. Why not change this? Why not invest in a couple of inexpensive squishy spatula handles? And invest in a small to medium sized bowl for preparing your meals. Add a foam block to your pan to keep the food from sticking to the pan.

10. Remember the gourmet cookbook.

Every once in a while, find an old, rare, vintage or antique cookbook, dig through it, organize your favorite recipes, add a chuck of spices, ensure you have a great book of matches, and start gathering recipes.